Cercon-ht 16 V True Color Technology

Shade reliability and shade reproduction are central elements of all-ceramic restorations and are decisive for their success. With True Color Technology, we set a new benchmark in terms of shade reliability with Cercon ht.

Starting point and requirement of our development was to be able to offer you Cercon ht in the 16 classic Vita colours. With our ceramic expertise in monolithic as well as veneered materials and restorations, we have developed the corresponding formulas and mixtures in-house to achieve the highest possible colour reliability. In this way, the colour results were repeatedly checked both metrologically and visually in order to achieve maximum colour reliability. In so-called blind tests, dental technicians from Europe and the USA repeatedly compared the colour formulations with other pre-coloured zirconium oxide materials available on the market. These tests were continued until Cercon ht was ranked number 1 in terms of shade accuracy by the blind test participants for all 16 classic Vita shades. With the True Color Technology and the clinically proven quality of Cercon for almost 15 years, we are setting a new benchmark in zirconia technology.

translucent ht-zirconium stands for AESTHETICS in digital dental technology



 The new generation

Zirkonoxid-ht is based on the yttrium oxide-stabilised zirconium oxide which has been tried and tested for 10 years.

The combination of finest additions AL2O3, a modified production process and a sintering temperature specifically adapted to these requirements result in the proven safety and excellent translucency.

Cercon® ht true colour technology with standard painting technique


Degudent Recommendations


Crowns and bridges made of monolithic Cercon ht are primarily indicated for bruxer and crunch, if partially veneered VMK crowns or even full cast crowns are not desired. BruxZir is particularly suitable for molar crowns if the patient wants a tooth-coloured restoration and if there is little space for a suitable preparation or if the patient has already destroyed VMK works due to his bruxism. (minimally invasive).
Advantages for your patients

Definitely no chipping as it is made of full zirconium oxide without ceramic veneer.
Glazed for a perfect surface to avoid plaque and abrasion.

Requirements for the preparation

No special requirements for the preparation are necessary. All-zirconium oxide restorations also allow a minimally invasive preparation similar to an all-cast crown as long as there is at least 0.5 mm occlusal space.
The minimum occlusal space requirement is 0.5 mm, 1 mm would be ideal.

Recommendation for occlusal adjustments and subsequent polishing

An adaptation of monolithic Cercon ht restorations in the mouth should be carried out with a fine diamond tool using sufficient water cooling; this prevents overheating of the surface and the formation of possible fine cracks in the material.
Adapted BruxZir surfaces can be polished with any ceramic polishing system of your choice. For further information on polishing, please contact your dental laboratory.


Composite glass ionomer cement (RelyX luting cement (3M ESPE), GC Fuji Plus (GC Europe))
Composite luting cements for short or flat preparations (RelyX Unicem (3M ESPE), Panavia F2.0 (Kuraray))



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