VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor / VITA CAD-Temp® monoColor

With CAD-Temp you can fabricate multi-unit, fully or partially anatomical long-term crown or bridge temporaries with up to two pontics span. Partially anatomical restorations can be individualized or built up in shade with the light-curing veneering composite VITA VM LC.

 The VITA CAD-Temp composite blocks/DISCs consist of a fiber-free, homogeneous, high-molecular and cross-linked acrylate polymer with micro filler, which is very homogeneous due to the industrial polymerization process. The material is considerably more stable than conventional plastics for "chairside" temporary restorations. Should a fracture occur during wear, the grinding process is simply repeated, as the data from the first time is stored.


VITA CAD-Temp monoColor:
Monochrome Composite Blocks/DISCs

VITA CAD-Temp multiColor:
Natural and harmonious colour nuances from neck to edge with 4 different colour layers.
For highly aesthetic long-term temporaries, especially in the anterior region.

For grinding/milling CAD-Temp in the respective CAD/CAM system, an additional filter/modified tank is required, which can be obtained from the CAD/CAM manufacturer.

A detailed processing instruction for VITA CAD-Temp including shade individualization with VITA VM LC can be found here.
You can also order the instructions in printed form.

Natural color play with VITA CAD-Temp® multiColor

The proven CAD/CAM composite VITA CAD-Temp, a cross-linked acrylate polymer with micro-filler, is also available as VITA CAD-Temp multiColor. This version guarantees an excellent aesthetic result due to its harmonious shade nuances (enamel, dentin and neck) and is therefore particularly suitable for the fabrication of long-term temporaries in the anterior region.

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